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The Parent Company's Ethical Code represents a clear policy guideline in terms of conduct and strategies to be adopted by BPER Banca. The Code represents a formal benchmark for the Group's commitments and must be seen as a genuine “social contract”.

The Ethical Code describes the rights, duties and responsibilities of BPER Banca and the Group’s companies towards the parties it interacts with, with the objective of creating social value beyond even the scope of our business activities. The Code requires that the Management and all Employees engage in conduct that is consistent with the Group's ethical principles and contribute to implementing the social responsibility policy, while minimising compliance and reputational risks.

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“The Bank pursues its corporate objectives in an efficient and reliable manner, with a focus on customers and compliance with rules. We are fully convinced that our reputation represents the most important value and our conduct in all types of relationships is based on formal and substantive propriety, be it with customers, shareholders, partners, employees and any other parties we come into contact with.”

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