3° Gruppo Bancario Nazionale

BPER Banca Group today
3rd National Banking Group in terms of number of branches.

5 Commercial banks

Number of Branches over 1.900
Employees about 21.000


more than 5 million

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Deep roots with a wide view. To provide you with ever improving service, we have a large Group but we remain true to who we are, meeting your needs and supporting your projects.

The history and story of BPER date back to more than 150 years ago: since 1867, BPER has been the protagonist of multiple changes and is currently one of the reference players for sustainable development in the country, which it concretely contributes to by facilitating people’s projects and businesses’ development processes, through a diversified, multi-specialist proposition.


The model BPER proposes is that of a modern bank, attentive to the specific needs of people, businesses and communities, and increasingly open to digitalisation, which is intended as a complementary resource in customer relations.


BPER Banca is the parent company of Italy’s third largest banking group in total deposits and footprint, with over 1.900 branches operating in almost all Italian regions, approximately 22.000 employees and over 5 million customers.


In addition to its banks, the BPER Group includes a number of product factories and ancillary services undertakings. Through investee companies and joint ventures, BPER Banca operates in all key market segments (corporate & investment banking, wealth management & insurance, leasing, factoring and consumer finance) and can offer qualified assistance to its customers in all main international markets

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Organizational Structure

BPER Group is a strong entity of five banks, all autonomous and well-established in their various areas of operation.

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The solidity of the Group

It has become increasingly important to put yourself in the hands of a stable Bank. This is why we have pursued a responsible and tangible growth process, sharing the values of the communities in which we operate.