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Promoting sustainable development in the areas in which the bank operates means placing a significant focus on an essential issue in terms of our future commitments and endeavours: the protection and safeguarding of the environment.


Global warming, climate change and environmental risks all have a major impact on economies, societies, markets and financial stability. This is why we believe that environmental risks should not merely be seen as a compliance exercise or a problem of reputation for the banking sector. We have to think of the impact these risks can have on our profitability.

BPER Banca has been involved for some time in creating value and redistributing this within its local area, not just by reporting its economic performance, but also by promoting its environmental policies.

To ensure sustainable management of the environmental resources used in our activities, we have implemented a monitoring process aimed at reducing consumption in terms of both management of raw materials as well as energy, thanks to the efficient use of resources and an optimal management of waste.

The overall data relating to the environmental impact of BPER Banca are contained in the non-financial consolidated declaration for 2017 (Sustainability Report).

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Responsible use of resources

Given the nature of its services and products, a bank mainly consumes paper and toner. Throughout the years we have put in place various initiatives to use our resources in the most effective and efficient manner possible. To date, 93% of the paper we use in the offices and branches is recycled. Moreover, the use of advanced electronic signatures has had a major impact on the reduction of the use of paper and toner.

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Waste management

We try to minimise the impact of waste through a careful management of the f the goods to be disposed, giving priority to their recycling, where possible. The entire quantity of paper waste produced by the Bank is sent for recycling. Our objective for 2018 is to progressively reduce the production of dangerous waste.

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Emissions saved

In 2017, thanks to energy efficiency interventions, the use of renewable energy and a reduction in the consumption of paper, BPER Banca avoided emitting 33,842 t of CO2, which is the equivalent of planting 48,346 trees.  It is as if we planted a forest of over 48 hectares, which is equivalent to approximately 68 football fields.

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Renewable energy

More than half of the energy (electrical and thermal) that was used in 2017 came from renewable sources. In particular, the Group’s consumption of renewable electrical energy is around 84%.

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Photovoltaic plants

In recent years, companies in the BPER Group have installed nine photovoltaic plants for a total capacity of 541 kWp.

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