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Consolidated Non-financial Statement (drafted pursuant to legislative decree 254/2016)

Sustainability Report 2018


2018 was a very busy and highly satisfactory year, in which two key words guided our daily activities: roots and future. Our roots recall the ever-present values of a journey that began over 150 years ago, while our future is entrusted to the great work carried out with commitment by all those who work in the BPER Group. Thanks to them, the year ended with the highest ever profit. The notable results achieved in terms of profitability, financial strength and credit quality allow us to look confidently towards the upcoming challenges to be addressed for our growth and sustainable development. With this in mind, one of our primary goals is to seize every single opportunity for the creation of value for all our stakeholders. A concrete example? This year, the wealth generated by the BPER Group increased by over 30%, reaching almost Euro two billion, 75% of which was redistributed in various forms to the community. The past year was intense also for other reasons: important extraordinary operations were prepared during this period and then defined in the first months of the current year; the new BPER 2021 Business Plan was also prepared, which for the first time, in addition to economic objectives, also includes some of the Group’s sustainability projects. Their development represents an economic and social challenge which can only be won with a persevering and dynamic attitude and by setting tangible and measurable goals. The projects in this important field are described in the Report, accompanied by reporting on the goals we set ourselves in the past and by the sharing of future ones. This is the right way to work in our opinion: taking small steps but with great determination, fully aware that we have embarked on a path along which we are not walking alone. The following pages also describe what we have done to ensure equal opportunity in the company, to improve the quality of work and life of our colleagues and to promote sustainable mobility and energy efficiency. An account is also given of the intense collaboration with schools, universities and other institutions. This takes us back to the future: the attention of our Group to the local area, which is implemented by supporting projects and initiatives worthy of merit in various social areas, is increasingly focused on young people. It is no coincidence that the Sustainability Report contains photos received from teenagers who took part in photography contests organised or supported by us: a powerful tool for spreading educational and cultural growth projects throughout the country. The future of young people, after all, also encloses our future. Happy reading.
Alessandro Vandelli

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