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2022-2025 Business Plan

The plan envisages profound technological-digital transformation and evolution towards a multi-specialist, capital-light business model capable of enhancing the Group’s national scale, proprietary product factories and specialised distribution channels

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Target 2025



RoTe 2025

NPE ratio

Elenco dati piano industriale

Divestment of the non-core scope:
and release of >€ 500 mln capital to be used for the core business

Enhancement of people and renewal of core skills:
>1,450 new hires +20% training content

Technological and operational evolution:
>500 M€ IT investments; Cost/ Income <58%

Re-focus on high-value business:
>€100 bn in AuM; >€360 mln in bancassurance annual premiums

I 5 pilastri del Piano

Potenziamento del modello di Banca multi-specialista con scala nazionale

Enhancement of the national-scale multi-specialist bank model

Enhancement of the Group’s acquired scale and proprietary product factories through the evolution of the business model to a multi-specialist approach, focusing on the following core businesses:

  • Wealth Management e Asset Management
  • Bancassurance,
  • CIB
  • Consumer Credit

Trasformazione del modello di ricavi in ottica “fee based”

Transformation into a fee-based revenue model

Completion of rotation to capital-light business models to increase fee and commission contribution to total revenues, via:

  • Stronger positioning in bancassurance, with non-life premiums expected to rise to over € 360 mln in 2025 (vs ca. € 200 mln in 2021)
  • Development and digitalisation of the consumer credit proposition, with personal loan granted rising to ca. € 1.35 mln (from approx. € 900 mln in 2021) and expected NII of over € 260 mln in 2025 (from approx. € 160 mln in 2021).
  • Stronger large corporate advisory and support, with the stock of loans by the CIB department expected to rise to over € 10 bn in 2025 and revenues for this segment expected to rise to approximately € 105 mln in 2025.


Partnership tra IT e Business per la trasformazione e la crescita

IT and Business partnership for transformation and growth

The renewal of the technological infrastructure plays a key role in supporting the Group’s growth in size and its business model transformation. IT investments planned for over € 500 mln, a significant increase compared to the previous plan (€ 210 mln). 4 lines of action have been defined for IT transformation:

  • Digital data-driven application architecture
  • Hybrid cloud infrastructure
  • Centralised, agile IT governance
  • Industrialised integration model

Banca semplice e digitale

Simple, digital bank

Branch network rationalisation combined with simplification of processes to be achieved through enhanced digitalisation and omnichannel innovation of the customer service model. Actions planned in this area include:

  • Digitalisation of the proposition: stronger digital proposition developed around customer needs, with a view to gradually increasing the volume of products sold via digital/self-guided customer journeys, from today’s 5% to over 40% in 2025.
  • Footprint rationalisation: 29% branch network downsizing (2025 target network of 1,500 branches), as a result of the gradual digitalisation of the offering and parallel development of specialised distribution channels (corporate banking centres, private banking centres).
  • Internal simplification: focus on customer experience and more sales and marketing time for branches

Persone al centro

People at the centre

Harmonisation of corporate culture and enhancement of human capital through training plans, new career paths and new workplace/models. The most important actions planned include:

  • Workforce reduction and renewal
  • Human capital development, via:
  • New workplace model

Le 3 leve trasversali

Le 3 leve trasversali

ESG infusion

New model of innovation

De-risking and credit control

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