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On 20 June 2019 with note n. 0358243/19 Consob (the National Commission for Companies and the Stock Exchange) approved the Registration Document and the Base Prospectuses for BPER Banca for its offer to the public of bond loans (“Bonds”) and protection certificates (“Certificates”) as provided under the annual offer programme agreed by the Bank's Board of directors.

This programme provides for the issuing of the following types of Bonds and Certificates, to be placed through various offerings depending on market developments:


Ordinary bonds:

- BPER Fixed Interest Rate Bonds;

- BPER Variable Interest Rate Bonds (or Floating Interest Rate with Cap and/or Floor);

- BPER Mixed Interest Rate Bonds (or Mixed Interest Rate with Cap and/or Floor);

- BPER Step up/Step Down Bonds (or Callable Step up/Step Down);

- BPER Zero Coupon Bonds.


 Protection Certificates

- BPER Protection Certificates Performance (con eventuale Cap)

- BPER Protection Certificates Coupon

anche di tipo “Quanto” o “Non Quanto”.


It is possible to issue a percentage of the nominal value of Ordinary bonds that are placed in favour of non-profit organisations of social utility (ONLUS), institutions, foundations and other not-for-profit bodies pursuing aims of social utility.

With the exception of Zero Coupon Bonds, ordinary Bonds may also be issued as “Titoli di Risparmio per l’Economia Meridionale” (savings for the economy of the south of Italy).

Each Base Prospect comprises the following documents:

- Summary Note of the information relating to the Issuer and the financial instruments covered by the programme;

- Registration Document describing the Issuer (incorporated into the Prospectus by reference);

- Memorandum containing information concerning financial instruments offered to the public, including the form containing the Final Conditions.

The features of each financial instrument that is issued will be described in the Final Conditions that will also come with the specific Summary Note for each individual issue.

All documents can be consulted on this website and are also available to the public, free of charge, in a printed form from the Issuer's Registered Office (Modena – via San Carlo n.8/20) and the Issuer branches.

Investors are kindly requested to carefully assess the potential purchase of Bonds and Certificates on the basis of the information contained in the Registration Document and Base Prospectuses, in particular the paragraphs on "Risk Factors".

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