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The Board of Statutory Auditors is a control body which supervises compliance with the law provisions, regulations and the articles of association, as well as compliance with the principles of correct administration.

The Board of Statutory Auditors of BPER Banca is made up of three standing members, including the Chairman, and two alternates.

The Statutory Auditors remain in office for three years and their mandate expires on the date of the Meeting called to approve the financial statements for the last year of their appointment; they are re-eligible.

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Statutory Auditor

Statutory Auditor

genere cs

Gender breakdown

67% Females
33% Males

Fascia età cs

Age breakdown

0% 45-49
33% 50-54
67% 55-59
0% 60-64
0% 65-70
0% 71-75

Indipendenti ai sensi del tuf cda

Independent as per TUF, Code and TUB

100% Independent as per TUF, Code and TUF
0% Not independent