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Fight against compulsive gambling

Since 2013, we have put in place initiatives to inform, prevent, and take action against pathological gambling (GAP).  Information campaigns have been set up for employees, customers and young people, and the Vademecum "Pathological gamblers and banking services" has been published, an information booklet describing the possible safeguards activated by the bank to counter and prevent the risks associated with GAP and to help the family of the pathological gambler.

In addition, we have decided to prohibit credit cards from being used for payment transactions at establishments or websites that have been classified in the "gambling" category: in short, you cannot gamble with BPER credit cards.


It is possible to request the research of the Observatory on Gambling 2021 by Nomisma carried out in collaboration with the Bank. Click here.


Event - Gambling. From data analysis to concrete actions for the territory. Bergamo 19 November 2021 Review the event >

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