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An innovative, inclusive and sustainable economy. With our goals clearly in mind we have been involved for some time in integrating Sustainability within our business model, in order to continue creating value for our customers, the environment and society.


We believe in an economy in which banks, market operators and investors know how to integrate social and environmental factors into their decision-making processes.

BPER Banca wants to continue offering the right solution for people's requirements, in accordance with a transparent and coherent offer. All too often consumer perceive banks as being far removed from everyday challenges and problems. BPER Banca wants to dispel this view by continuing to engage in a dialogue, with a sincere and attentive approach.

box Gestione della responsabilità

Management of responsibility

Find out how we report on our work on Sustainability issues.

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Discover the cornerstones of our work contained in the Ethical Code.

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Discover all the institutions and associations we work with.

Guidelines on arms

Guidelines on arms

We have adopted a self-governance that regulates, more stringently than required by current legislation, transactions supporting the import/export of arms, Banks of the Group have decided to adopt internal rules that establish which transactions can be authorised and which cannot, without enforcing an absolute prohibition.

Gioco d'azzardo

Lotta al gioco d’azzardo patologico

Abbiamo messo in atto iniziative per informare, prevenire, e avviare azioni di contrasto riguardo alla pratica del gioco d’azzardo patologico (GAP) e realizzato un Vademecum informativo per prevenire e contrastare i rischi annessi a questa patologia.