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The principles underlying the relationships we entertain with Customers are also reflected in the commercial agreements we have with our Suppliers. We are committed to developing durable partnerships based on correctness and fairness.


The basis of our choice of Suppliers is the need to guarantee for our internal Customers the availability of products and services in order to fully satisfy their requirements. We therefore select Suppliers who can guarantee the best balance between the price and quality of their service and are able to satisfy the Bank's expectations in terms of social and environmental responsibility.

Our relationship with Suppliers must be interpreted from a dual perspective: on the one hand we have to be considerate and correct towards them, to help them grow and develop, but it also means supporting the local economies in which they are based. On the other hand, from the perspective of fairness, there needs to be a conversation that goes beyond a simple request for the best value for money, which for us means asking our Suppliers to operate according to ethical and sustainable criteria.

Our Suppliers are also asked to fully respect regulations protecting the rights of workers and the specific legislation on health and safety in the workplace.  When an order is prepared or when a contract is signed, our suppliers are informed of the fact that BPER Banca has adopted a Code of Ethics, which they are also asked to comply with and commit to respecting the principles contained within it.

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Procurement and Sustainability


The Parent Company looks carefully at the Sustainability characteristics of its Suppliers. For this reason, a survey was conducted with the Group's 30 biggest suppliers to ascertain their compliance of our social and environmental requirements. Moreover, in collaboration with Consorzio ABC (a consortium of insurance companies and banks) activities are ongoing to support the procurement departments in the various business areas, and to assess the possibility of implementing a Sustainability rating on Suppliers.

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