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The five principles of BPER Banca

Near. Beyond expectations. BPER Banca is near people, reality, everyday life and is able to look far ahead. A precise identity that is based on five principles, which emerged from a process of engagement between employees, that represent our way of doing things.


We create real relationships, where there is a desire to grow together and share things.


We'll never be found wanting and we do not hide.


We always act with honesty and decency with colleagues and customers.


We are always willing to talk and discuss things.


We reach our objectives pragmatically.


The successes we have achieved are the result of the harmonisation and joint commitment of the most important resources we have: our Employees. We have always been convinced of this which is why we are fully committed to getting the most out of our human capital. We have developed procedures for increasing and improving professional and personal skills. We want to promote human growth, proactive collaboration, continuous training and create an environment where people can be happy and always work together.


Policies for Staff and Welfare

We care about our Employees and we demonstrate this by treating employment relationships with the utmost correctness and care. To make sure we succeed in this, we guarantee respect of principles of non-discrimination and equal opportunity, based upon the provisions of BPER Banca’s Code of Ethics and we consider diversity to be an asset. We are strongly committed to the well-being of our resources which is why we have created a series of Welfare initiatives that are available to all employees.


The other stakeholders