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Developing and managing quality relationships with our customers represents one of the essential conditions for the growth and benefit of our Bank.


For us, Customers are above all people with their own dreams, but also with their fair share of problems and difficult situations. Our mission is to help our Customers achieve their goals and projects and overcome their difficulties.

Our customers know that they can count on integrity and professionalism and over time these have become our distinguishing traits. Indeed, more than 62% of our customers has been with us for more than 10 years. The basis of our relationship with our customers is mutual trust, that we demonstrate by granting credit and which is returned to us by collecting savings. This process of value generation is based on mutual satisfaction, reputation and dialogue.

To create and maintain a stable relationship with our Customers, which is based on transparency and the ability to respond consistently to their real needs, we are constantly committed to improving the instruments for listening and mutual understanding. In this regard, we conduct regular customer satisfaction surveys and qualitative research activities on the specific projects we are developing. Moreover, during the course of 2017, BPER Banca acquired a new instrument, a panel community called “La Piazza – Le tue idee, la tua banca”, (The Town Square - Your ideas, your bank) to create listening and collaboration activities with Customers and discover their valuable perspective on services, purchase experiences and communication.

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Contact points

For us listening is the basis of everything and that is demonstrated by the quality certification of our Customer Service department. In 2017, the BPER Banca Contact Center received two important certifications which certify the efficiency and effectiveness of the processes it uses and the resulting satisfaction of Customers, despite extending the use of digital communication services.

blocco Trasparenza, efficacia e semplicità

Transparency, effectiveness and simplicity

BPER Banca has always been careful to respect rules and principles for transparency and correctness in its dealings with Customers. This is why every phase of the relationship between intermediaries and customers is defined by clear rules on the transparency of the contractual conditions and on the propriety of relations.

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We really do listen

In order to continue improving we place considerable focus on actively managing complaints from our Customers, treating every comment with the utmost seriousness, attention and promptness, while promoting an ongoing dialogue and collaboration.

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The other stakeholders