Responsabilità nei settori controversi intro

As part of the ethical management of controversial sectors, the activities implemented by the BPER Group to reduce negative impacts and enhance positive social impact initiatives are described below.

Gioco d'azzardo

Fight against compulsive gambling

Since 2013, we have put in place initiatives to inform, prevent, and take action against pathological gambling (GAP). Information campaigns have been set up for employees, customers and young people, and the Vademecum "Pathological gamblers and banking services" has been published, an information booklet describing the possible safeguards activated by the bank to counter and prevent the risks associated with GAP and to help the family of the pathological gambler.

Guidelines on arms

Guidelines on arms

We have adopted a self-governance that regulates, more stringently than required by current legislation, transactions supporting the import/export of arms, Banks of the Group have decided to adopt internal rules that establish which transactions can be authorised and which cannot, without enforcing an absolute prohibition.

BOX Operazioni in Oro fisico

Transactions in Physical Gold

Among the services offered to customers, the Bank offers Gold trading. BPER Bank trades only gold bars produced by refineries that hold international certifications attesting to compliance with due diligence practices on their suppliers and registered on the London Good Delivery list, recognized internationally as the market standard.

It is thus guaranteed that the metal being sold is Conflict Free and complies with the regulations and codes of conduct prepared by the main industry association bodies (LBMA, RJC) and international bodies (OECD); it is also ensured that suppliers are equipped with tools for the control and evaluation of gold purchasing chains, in order to combat possible forms of crime both geopolitical-financial (anti-money laundering, corruption, financing of terrorism) and related to human rights abuse, genocide, exploitation of child labor or crimes against the environment.