paragrafo lista obiettivi sostenibilita


  1. To improve internal communication in support of improving engagement and business (G)
  2. To commence a project for promoting female talent (B)
  3. To organise social and environmental initiatives for employees (G)
  4. To commence Mobility Management projects and draft the Home to Work Travel Plan (PSCL) (G)
  5. To extend and develop innovative solutions and working methods that promote a balance between private and professional life (G)
  6. To improve the development activities for managerial skills (G)


  1. .To improve the culture of Customer Centricity by improving systems for listening to and managing the satisfaction of customers (G)
  2. To improve use of data and insight activities to support a more precise identification of customers’ needs, more focused and relevant offers and the development of new services and products (G)
  3. To analyse and renew the offer to the segment of small economic operators (B)
  4. To consolidate the process of improvement of direct and remote banking services towards a single channel distribution and relationship model (G)
  5. To improve the positioning and offer towards minors, including through the activation of new communication and engagement channels (B)
  6. To improve consultancy services (Global advisory) to support the complex requirements of corporate and private customers (G)
  7. To introduce pre-acceptance systems for credit to private and small business customers (G)


  1. To develop a relationship with new investors (G)
  2. To improve web communication (G)


  1. To complete a vendor rating model (G)
  2. To complete a feasibility analysis for defining an ethical/sustainability rating in the perspective of a reputational rating (G)


  1. To prepare the Industrial Plan 2018-2020 (G)
  2. To update the internal regulations relating to the protection of personal data (G)
  3. To update the internal regulations relating to environmental issues (G)
  4. To update the internal regulations relating to the contrasting of corruption (G)
  5. To update the Risk Appetite framework (G)
  6. To implement the management framework for operational risk (G)
  7. To implement the management framework for reputational risk (G)
  8. To increase the number of indicators we report on within our Report


  1. To implement the control and monitoring system (BEMS) in another 115 branches (B)
  2. To implement or integrate the control and monitoring system (BEMS) in the 13 management offices (B)
  3. To improve the efficiency of our Data Centres (B)
  4. To implement energy efficiency interventions in our offices and branches (B)
  5. To switch off PCs, printers, etc, when they are not being used through a dedicated application (B)
  6. To commence activities to reduce the use of paper (B)

Relations with the Community and Human Rights

  1. To update the internal regulation relating to means of supporting the Community (G)
  2. To commence Crowdfunding projects to support organisations from the voluntary sector (B)
  3. To start partnerships with Local Institutions to support prevention activities against gambling addictions (B)
  4. To start a project for reporting on social impacts (G)