paragrafo lista obiettivi sostenibilita


  1. To define an operational control model to manage the anti-corruption issue
  2. To monitor ESG issues in terms of risks

Relations with the Community and human rights

  1. To review the Guidelines on Arms
  2. To support the community with structured financial education projects for families and schools
  3. To report on the “social impacts” of the projects supported by the bank
  4. To implement projects to raise awareness on Compulsive Gambling
  5. To structure projects for the support and dissemination of reading by the young generations
  6. To create events to promote reading (literary prizes, meetings with authors, school projects and meetings in prisons)


  1. To complete a vendor rating model
  2. To launch a sustainability rating project for the 200 main suppliers


  1. To define an internal communication plan on social responsibility issues
  2. To implement the sustainable mobility activities identified by the Home-Work Commuting Plan
  3. To implement the “A pari merito” project with the objective of achieving 15% female executives
  4. To launch the “Exempla” management development/growth project, involving at least 45% of the female population


  1. To strengthen the use of data and insight activities to support a more accurate identification of customer needs, more focused and relevant propositions and the development of new services and products
  2. To analyse and renew the proposition to the Small Economic Operators segment
  3. To consolidate the building up of direct and remote banking services, towards a comprehensive multi-channel distribution and relational model
  4. To strengthen the advisory services (Global advisory) to support the complex needs of business and private customers

Financial Market

  1. To obtain the Standard Ethics Rating (SER) for BPER Banca and achieve EE rating
  2. To participate in the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project)
  3. To increase the ESG proprietary portfolio by an additional 20%


  1. To implement or integrate the control and monitoring system (BEMS) on the other 13 executive offices
  2. To improve efficiency of the Data Centres
  3. To implement energy savings measures in offices and branches
  4. To launch activities for the reduction of paper consumption
  5. To implement an Environmental Management System
  6. To expand the Group’s photovoltaic park
  7. To implement real estate rationalization
  8. To launch activities aimed at raising employee awareness with regard to paper saving
  9. To implement an application for administrative management of the provisions connected to the disposal of special waste