paragrafo lista obiettivi sostenibilita


  1. To collaborate in the definition of an ESG Compliance Programme, in order to oversee the effective integration of factors in the Group's policies and processes
  2. To continue the development process of the ESG risk management framework in line with the regulatory provisions and initiatives on the subject that will be carried out by the Group as a whole
  3. To analyse new financing products and the regulatory framework for granting credit, based on ESG criteria
  4. To monitor ESG factors in the evolution of the Group's incentive system
  5. To monitor ESG factors in the provision of Investment Services

Relations with the Community and human rights

  1. To implement projects to raise awareness on Compulsive Gambling
  2. To broaden the target group of financial education projects for university students, adults and women
  3. To implement a youth empowerment project
  4. To review the Sustainability Policy
  5. To carry out human rights assessments
  6. To extend support to the solidarity emporiums throughout the country for the next three years


  1. To complete a vendor rating model
  2. To require compliance with minimum environmental criteria in procurement processes for specific product areas
  3. To continue assessing suppliers from an ESG perspective and broaden the range of suppliers


  1. As part of the exempla2 management development project, to implement paths dedicated to strengthening women's leadership
  2. Activities to support more sustainable mobility
  3. To implement an internal communication, training and awareness-raising campaign on sustainability issues
  4. To implement an internal campaign to disseminate the culture of inclusion and overcome bias through training, communication and awareness-raising initiatives at all organisational levels
  5. To promote inclusive behaviour and language with particular reference to gender differences, sexual orientation and disabilities
  6. To increase the proportion of female executives
  7. To increase the percentage of female managers
  8. To create a new workplace model
  9. To carry out preparatory activities for obtaining quality certification of the SGLS (Occupational Safety Management) System in accordance with the UNI EN ISO45001 standard
  10. To implement training and information programmes for personnel on occupational health and safety issues


  1. To strengthen the use of data and insight activities to support a more accurate identification of customer needs, more focused and relevant propositions and the development of new services and products
  2. To analyse and renew the proposition to the Small Economic Operators segment
  3. To strengthen the advisory services (Global advisory) to support the complex needs of business and private customers
  4. To develop branded content with a focus on financial education, behavioural skills and digital tools through proprietary digital and social channels and physical events across the territory
  5. To develop the cash service model with the introduction of technological innovation in-branch, aimed at encouraging the dematerialisation of cash and improving the customer processes
  6. To develop the Welfare service for businesses in order to meet the needs of SMEs
  7. To create a “modular” current account for businesses that meets banking and non-banking needs and so improve access to financial services by small enterprises
  8. To define and integrate ESG credit policies in credit policies and in processes
  9. To consolidate the building up of direct and remote banking services, towards a comprehensive multi-channel distribution and relational model*
  10. Ecobonus Boost project
  11. To evolve the supply model for ETS within the third sector
  12. To establish a dedicated funding line for farms with organic production certification and/or other sustainability certifications
  13. To increase the number of transactions and disbursed value of Green Mortgages and Loans
  14. To provide specialist ESG consultancy services for corporate clients
  15. To provide medium-term loans backed by a SACE 80% guarantee to companies whose business or type of investment complies with the European Taxonomy
  16. To implement the product catalogue through Green Linked Loans by introducing new financing that reflects strong sustainability characteristics (ESG)
  17. To define a nomenclature consistent with the European Taxonomy of Sustainable Economic Activities for the classification of counterparties in the loan portfolio
  18. To disseminate content that describes the bank's ESG actions in the social, cultural and environmental spheres using all BPER Banca's proprietary channels
  19. To support D&I-related issues with external communication contests
  20. To map environmental risks at the counterparty level of the loan portfolio to provide targeted financial support for the transition to a more sustainable economy
  21. To introduce the level of exposure to ESG risks (direct or transitional damage) in the early warning systems
  22. To evolve the reporting system to analyse physical risks on real estate collateral (e.g., location)
  23. To define credit granting policies oriented towards the protection of economically weaker consumer groups
  24. To increase ESG investment products available to Fund and Sicav clients
  25. To increase ESG assets under management (AUM)
  26. To improve the level of customer satisfaction and advocacy with particular reference to newly acquired territories
  27. To expand the range of digitally saleable products and services
  28. To support businesses in identifying and activating opportunities arising from the NRRP
  29. To consolidate the path of strengthening remote customer banking services (Digital Rate)
  30. To increase use of Smart Web on new open current accounts
  31. To increase use of Smart Web among total private customers
  32. To create solutions based on AI models to contribute to the sustainable development of cities
  33. To create a Group ESG information island for data governance to support business and governance structures
  34. To ensure, for customers in key sectors impacted by the NRRP, access to an ecosystem of financial and non-financial products and services

Financial Market

  1. To define an ESG Investment Policy to be applied to the property portfolio
  2. To increase the ESG Product Range (A)*
  3. To launch a new product offer focused on water resources (A)


  1. To implement or integrate the control and monitoring system (BEMS) on the other 13 executive offices
  2. To implement real estate rationalisation
  3. To implement the QES (Qualified Electronic Signature) to increase the digitalisation of processes both in-branch and remotely
  4. To implement environmental monitoring campaigns for the health and safety of working environments (air quality, Radon, Legionella, Asbestos)
  5. To implement measures to reduce paper consumption and thus reduce transport between network and central offices
  6. To launch a new Energy Plan with emission reduction targets
  7. To reduce paper consumption related to publishing (magazines, newspapers and newspaper subscriptions) by 50% in favour of digital tools
  8. To increase the % conversion of the car fleet to hybrid and increase the number of recharge stations
  9. To further reduce the number of printers
  10. To launch activities aimed at raising employee awareness with regard to paper saving