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The Shareholders’ Meeting is the collective body which takes corporate decisions. The shareholders meet in ordinary or extraordinary session. Resolves on all matters reserved for it by law and the articles of association.

Meetings are held at the location specified in the notice of meeting, on condition that this is in Italy. The meetings are also validly held using remote communications systems, on condition that the identity of the persons entitled to attend is assured and that all participants are able to intervene in real time in discussions about the matters on the agenda, as well as to vote on the resolutions.

05 novembre 2022 | Assemblea Ordinaria

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The Explanatory Report of the BoD on item 2 on the Agenda of Extraordinary Meeting published on 26 October replaces the one published on 14 October

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Please use the Ordinary Proxy form published on October 5th and the form of the Proxy granted to the Designated Representative published on October 12th

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