personal Rizzo

Standing Statutory Auditor

Dott.ssa Diana Rizzo

Born in Bologna (BO) on 21st July 1959

She holds an honours degree in Economics and Commerce from the University of Modena; she is registered as a Chartered Accountant and as an Auditor (listed in the Register when it was first set up) and is on the Official List of Court Experts and Technical Consultants.
She carries out her profession at Studio Professionisti, of which she is a founding partner, specializing in economic-business management, tax and company law.
She had previously set up a law firm with Antonio Cherchi and this partnership still exists.
She provides consultancy and assistance in the following fields: financial statements, tax, preparation of business plans, contracts, analysis and execution of acquisitions, disposals and extraordinary corporate transactions in general.
She collaborates with the Courts of Modena and Bologna as a Technical Consultant in civil and criminal matters and holds positions as a Receiver and Judicial Commissioner.
She is currently a Standing Auditor of BPER Banca S.p.A.
The positions currently held include: Chairman of the Board of Statutory Auditors of Unicom S.r.l. and Fin-Firel S.p.A.; Standing Auditor of TAS S.p.A., of Hyle Capital Partners SGR S.p.A., of PLT Wind S.p.A., of Kronos 2 Ceramiche S.p.A., of Landi Renzo S.p.A, of L.B. Officine Meccaniche S.p.A.; Liquidator of GL Finishing S.r.l.; Receiver of S.M. Legno S.p.A.
She has previously held the following positions: Chairman of the Board of Statutory Auditors of Kerakoll S.p.A., Sitma S.p.A., Sitma Machinery S.p.A., Gruppo Autorama S.p.A. and Verde 1999 S.r.l.; Standing Auditor of Carimonte Holding S.p.A., I.S. Holding
S.p.A., Caolino Panciera S.p.A, Ceramiche Speranza S.p.A. (formerly Emilceramica S.p.A.), Speranza S.p.A., Alcisa Italia S.p.A., Gruppo Alimentare in Toscana S.p.A.- GAIT, Maker-Manifatture Ceramiche S.r.l., Alfriuli S.p.A., Ceramiche Provenza S.r.l., EAI S.p.A., F.lli Parmigiani S.p.A., Frantoio Gentileschi S.p.A., Luis Gasser S.p.A., Lavino S.p.A., SCF Colorificio Ceramico S.r.l., Tyrol Finance S.r.l., Viva S.r.l., Industrial Tiles Achivement S.p.A., Motor Power Company S.r.l., Autel S.r.l., S.E.I.A.T. S.r.l., Tecno-Bi S.r.l.; Judicial Commissioner of C.E.M.P.I S.p.A., Goldoni S.p.A., Zadi S.p.A. and Forniker S.r.l.; Statutory Auditor of Demo Invest S.p.A.; Liquidator of SO.CO.GEN S.r.l.; Receiver of Argille tecnologiche S.r.l.

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