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Back BPER Bank won two MF Global Awards 2018 EN

BPER Bank won two MF Global Awards 2018

At BPER Banca two prestigious awards during the sixteenth edition of Milano Finanza Global Awards 2018, an event that rewards the excellence of the national banking and financial world.

We won the Lombard Guido Carli Award for the strong improvement in asset quality and the Creatori di Valore Award for the best Common Equity Tier 1 capital ratio. The awards were collected, respectively,by the President Pietro Ferrari and the CFO Roberto Ferrari.

"I am very satisfied with the awards received, whose motivations - explained the President Ferrari - constitute a faithful representation of the current strength and efficiency of our Bank and of the entire BPER Group.

On the one hand, in fact, the Lombard Award underlines the strong improvement in asset quality, the result of intense activity carried out in particular in the last period, and on the other hand the Value Creator Award puts the accent on the main solidity coefficient balance sheet, the CET 1 ratio, which puts us at the top of the system. This is confirmation of the effectiveness of the work carried out, which will continue with renewed commitment along the positive path already outlined ".

As part of the MF Global Awards 2018, the Banco di Sardegna, which is part of our Group, has also been awarded the Value Creator Prize, which indicates the best performance in terms of capital and efficiency, as the best bank in the Sardinia region.

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